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Chandrayaan-2 : ISRO Chief told- Why did the mission say 98 percent successful


Chandrayaan-2: Despite Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram's 'hard landing', many were surprised at the mission being described as 98% successful. Now ISRO Chief K Sivan has revealed why he made this statement regarding the success of the mission.
He said that this claim was made after the initial investigation by the panel investigating the hard landing.
He said that the panel had stated this rate of success in its initial analysis. This figure is given after considering the success of achieving all the pre-determined goals set during the mission. The lift-off of the rocket GSLV Mark-3 carrying Chandrayaan-2 was successful.
After that the module's mean-bound manover, trans-lunar injection, lunar-orbit insertion, lunar-orbit maneuver and lander-orbiter separation were all accurate. By the time of landing on the moon, the lander Vikram's landing position was right.
On the question of making the photo taken by the orbiter public, K Sivan said that all the photographs and data received from the orbiter are being studied as soon as this process is complete, we can make it public after appropriate review and approval. .


Questions were raised on the percentage of success of the mission
Some senior scientists had objected to ISRO Chief's statement regarding the success of the mission. Some scientists said that 'Vikram's successful landing was an important part of this moon mission. But the same could not happen. Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander collided with the moon at a high speed and was probably lost forever. ' He says that 'without making an in-depth investigation, making such claims makes us eligible for laughter in front of the world'

The issue was also raised by Tapan Mishra, a former director of the Ahmedabad-based Space Application Center (SAC) and former ISRO scientist. In a social media post, he wrote that 'Leaders lead, do not manage'.
A scientist had said that 'there were some technical glitches in the Chandrayaan-2 mission. According to him, ISRO should have sent Vikram Lander with a thruster and not with five. This would have made the technique easier. The same process is followed all over the world.

K. What did Sivan say?(Chandrayaan-2: )

ISRO chief K.K. Sivan, while speaking to the media on Saturday, said that "we could not succeed in getting in touch with Vikram Lander." But Chandrayaan-2's Orbiter is working perfectly and well. This orbiter has a total of eight instruments. Each device has its own set of different functions. All of them are doing that work exactly as planned.