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How to reduce stress and how you can get rid of it, you will know here

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How to reduce stress: Almost every man is a victim of some kind of stress. However, any type of stress is harmful to our mental and physical health and it also affects productivity. Whenever there is a change in our life, our body reacts to it, we call it stress
As there are constant changes in our lives, such as pressure to complete the target, fear of going to job, stress of not completing a job on deadline or not getting it done properly. It is difficult to avoid stress in this situation. Our aim should not be to eliminate all kinds of stress because it is not possible. Yes, we should remove unnecessary stress and make efforts to manage it better. In such a situation, we can say that any real or imaginary fear, event or change that our brain and body react to is called stress. This reaction can be both internal (thought, thinking, attitude) and external (loss, accident or change).
Causes of stress: There is no definite cause of stress, rather there are many reasons behind it, which are known as 'stressors'. It depends on how we react to any event and it depends on your thinking, your personality, and existing resources. A situation can be stressful for one person, then the same situation can be challenging for another person. By some examples, we know how often we find ourselves in a situation.
- When we have high expectations.
- When we have less control over things and we have limited options.
- When we feel isolated.
- When the person in front evaluates us hard.
- When we get major or unexpected failures, then we get tense.
Apart from this, many people remain stressed about their jobs, relationships, financial condition, health problems, etc. By learning the skills to cope with these stresses, we can reduce our stress to a great extent.

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How to reduce stress

Methods of dealing with stress: To a large extent control over stress can be achieved using various methods. The best way to relieve stress is to relieve you of both physical and mental stress and help to further enhance your skills in dealing with this type of situation.
Method of breathing: breathing properly helps to relieve or eliminate stress. For this one has to take time, practice well and use this method daily. Usually, people do not learn what is the right way to breathe like this nor do they do it regularly. For this, first, take a breath, then stop for a while and count one while slowly exhaling. After this, breathe slowly and count to three and then after stopping for a while, inhale slowly, counting to four. Close your eyes and breathe continuously like this. Now pay attention to your body, how your heart is beating, how you feel the wind and how your stomach is feeling.
Stay in the present: All kinds of worries about the future and regrets about the old times cause all kinds of stress and you are not able to enjoy the present moment. In such a situation, just focus on the present.
Do planning, don't worry: if you do good planning of something, then there is no need to constantly review it. An anxious person is constantly engaged in reviewing his planning. In this case, stress can be relieved by better planning. Make a list of all the options that you can see to solve the problem and choose any of them. Write your plan somewhere.(How to reduce stress)