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Data security: Your personal data is a treasure for companies, know the reason

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Data security: In this era of technology, there are constant questions about the privacy of users. If you are worried about the news of data leaks coming in the day, then you will be surprised to know that the chances of improvement in the near future are quite low. The day is not far when battles will be fought not for physical resources, but for billions of digital footprints (users' personal data) so that more and more data can be controlled.
Daily equivalent data of 22 crore DVDs is generated
By the year 2025, 463 example data will be created worldwide. This is equivalent to data stored in 22 crore DVDs daily. In the coming few years, the entire digital universe is expected to reach 44 zettabytes i.e. 10 trillion GB. If we talk today, 294 billion emails are sent daily with 500 million tweets worldwide.
6500 crore messages are sent daily on WhatsApp
According to media site Visual Capitalist, 4 beatabytes (1000TB) of data is generated on Facebook every day. At the same time, 65 billion (6500 crores) messages are sent daily on WhatsApp. Not only this, 5 billion searches are done worldwide every day when it comes to internet search.

Data security

Target to capture data of users
Seeing these numbers, big and big tech companies around the world are trying to keep more and more data of the users in their possession. These companies filter these data and share it with different companies and based on these, advertisements and promotional campaigns are shown to the users round the clock.
Facebook's interference is increasing
Facebook and Google are the two largest companies in the online users' case, even amid privacy and anti-trust investigations. In the second quarter of 2019, Facebook had 2 billion 41 million active users. Facebook is currently the world's largest social media platform. Its reach is further increased with the help of WhatsApp and Instagram. From this, you can guess to what extent Facebook is interfering in our digital life.
Google search engine market leader
Google has a 90% share of the worldwide search engine market. Google-owned video website YouTube receives over 100 million users every month. At the same time, Gmail has over 150 crore, active users.

Fast-growing ad revenue(Data security)

According to a report by the World Advertising Research Center, the global online ad market share of Google and Facebook will increase to 61.4 percent this year from 56.4 percent last year. In the second quarter of 2019, Facebook's ad revenue was $ 16.62 billion and Google's ad revenue was $ 32.6 billion. According to a market research firm named eMarketer, worldwide spending on digital advertising will reach $ 333.25 billion this year.