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Facebook: Tension to Facebook from Tiktok, learn 10 big things


Facebook: Some recent conversations between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and employees about the company's future have been revealed. There are many interesting things in this report published in The Verge, but one of the issues of conversation is Zuckerberg's concern about TikTok. It also mentions how big a role India plays in it. Here we are telling you everything about the tension of Facebook and the company's plan to compete it.

China's first good consumer Internet product

The CEO of Facebook told his employees that Chinese tech companies are working hard, but TickTock is the first consumer Internet product made by a Chinese tech giant, which is doing very well around the world.

Its growth in India is quite interesting

According to Verge's report, Zuckerberg took the name of India while talking about Ticktock and said that it is growing really fast, which is quite interesting.

Zuckerberg's concern over the growth of Tittock in India

According to the Facebook CEO, Tiktok is now ahead of Instagram in terms of access to people in India.

TikTok as a feature of Instagram

Zuckerberg has said that TickTalk is largely like the 'Explore' tab, a feature of Instagram.

Facebook wants to compete Tiktok in India

The Verge report states that Facebook and Zuckerberg plan to compete with TickTock in countries where it is most popular, ie where it has more users. These include India.

Time near facebook

Zuckerberg feels that Facebook still has time to find out how to compete and be left behind in countries like India.

What does Zuckerberg think about Tittock

According to Verge's report, Zuckerberg told his staff, "I think of TickTalk as if it was a full-fledged app for stories (an Instagram feature)."

Asked for an 'attack' on Tiktok

During the conversation, the CEO of Facebook was asked about the company's plan to compete with Ticketock.

Facebook answers 'Lasso' for Tiktok

The CEO of Facebook told the employees' We have a product named Lasso. This is a standalone app, which we are working on. It will begin with Mexico.