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Insurance companies: Now the insurance company will not be able to say on the treatment of these diseases

Insurance companies will no longer be able to exclude health cover from risky activities and artificial life maintenance illnesses, mental diseases, age-related diseases and congenital diseases at the workplace. This decision will benefit millions of insurance holders. The insurance regulator said on Monday that age-related problems such as cataract surgery, ne-cap replacement, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's would now be covered. Whereas factory workers, people working with hazardous chemicals, whose health has a bad effect in the long term, cannot be denied their respiratory and skin treatments.
Insurance companies

The Insurance Regulatory Insurance and Development Authority (IRDA) has standardized the exclusion of diseases - this means that if the insurance company does not want to cover epilepsy, severe kidney disease or HIV or AIDS - then it is special Words will be used and there will be a special waiting period (30 days to one year), then the cover will begin.
Irda said, "If a person is transferred from one company to another — if he has fulfilled a part of the waiting period requirements — then the new company can only apply the unexpired waiting period to him."
Gurdeep Singh Batra, chief (retail underwriting) of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance said in this regard, "As medical treatment is developing and new methods are coming out, insurance companies will be able to cover those diseases as well."

Life insurance money is not available on these 8 deaths-Insurance companies

  1. A life insurance policy is taken by a person so that his family does not have to face financial difficulties after his death. However, many types of deaths are not covered under life insurance policies. Learn about them in the following slides.
  2. If the policyholder is murdered and the police investigation reveals that the nominee is involved in this crime, then in such a situation he cannot claim the insurance money. Apart from this, insurance cover cannot be claimed even if the policyholder has been killed due to involvement in criminal activities.
  3. Even if a policyholder has died in a road accident due to drinking alcohol, the insurance company can reject the claim for cover.
  4. If taking term insurance, if a person is suffering from a health problem and dies due to that, then that too is not covered in life insurance.
  5. Those who are involved in risky pursuits are not covered in term insurance. In these activities, there is always a danger of the life of the policyholder and there is also the possibility of a big accident.
  6. Even if a woman died while giving birth to a child, she is not covered by life insurance.
  7. If you are smoking then it is necessary to disclose it in the term insurance plan. Smokers are at greater risk of health problems and insurance companies add more money at the time of premium. If you die due to illness due to smoking, then insurance money is not available.
  8. The nominee cannot claim for insurance cover even if the policyholder has died due to natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami.
Insurance companies: But TPA and brokers warn that even though the move is in the interest of the insured, it remains to be seen how much it affects the premium. Rahul Aggarwal, the founder of Ideal Insurance Brokers, said, "This is definitely good news for millions of people who could not get cover till now. However, it also needs to be cautious as it may increase the premium significantly.
The Working Committee submitted a report to IRDA in November 2018, stating that insurance companies could not cover illnesses such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, HIV or AIDS. IRDA's decision is based on these suggestions of the committee.