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Weight loss: If you are unable to exercise and dieting, then reduce weight by these tricks

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Weight loss: In the desire to live in shape, we do anything. Whether dieting or hard workouts, we try everything but for some people, it is not so easy.
Many of us try many types of diets and stop eating many things. Even after dropping many things, if you do not mind your weight, then you should plan things with a little trick. Learn some effective and easy ways here.
If you want to lose weight, then, first of all, reduce oil intake. It is a better idea to take a healthy subscription to oil. One teaspoon of ghee or oil contains 135 calories, which is manageable. To lose weight, you have to make a balance of 1200 calories per day.
No matter how much you like white rice, if you are losing weight, it is not right to stay in a diet. It is better that you start taking brown rice, it's half cup has 133 calories while white rice contains 266 calories. Brown rice makes you feel full. Also, its glycemic index is much lower than white rice.

Weight loss

The second most important thing to keep in mind is that when you stop yourself from eating certain things to lose weight. When you eat them on Cheat Day, you eat more, due to which your whole hard work gets water again. Therefore, it would be better that you keep in mind how much you are eating it.
The worst idea is to leave breakfast to stay in shape, this causes problems like gas and heaviness in the stomach. Take a healthy breakfast so that you get complete nutrition. Oatmeal is a good and healthy breakfast. This does not make you hungry for a long time.
Instead of eating two or three times a day, eat small meals six times a day. Do not stop taking snacks but bake or air fry instead of fry

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