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What is 'Black Friday' sale, how it started

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Black Friday Sale in India: The trend of 'Black Friday' sale is gaining momentum in India, you might not know about it, but brands in the country are well aware of it. This year, Black Friday sales for customers who are looking for a discount are starting soon i.e. from November 29. This weekend, customers are being lured to such purchases, which they were avoiding. This cell will last for 3 days, you can take advantage of it. Before this, know what is the trend started on Black Friday and where.

History of Black Friday sale

In the US, this holiday or shopping day after Thanksgiving Holiday is considered the beginning of increasing sales before Christmas. In 1950, Thanksgiving Day falls on a Thursday, that day is National Holiday. On Friday, many people fell ill, returned home from the office early so that they could have a long weekend and enjoy it. Christmas was a month away, so most stores were open on Fridays to increase sales. What was it then, people took a vacation and started shopping fiercely thinking that they would be able to shop fearlessly, without fear of the boss. However,  'Black Friday sale 2019' first appeared in print form in 1966.

As soon as you read 'Black', you may feel that there is something negative hidden in it. We tell you what is the reason behind this name. The next day of Thanksgiving Day in America was the busiest day in terms of shopping, on this day there was a line of vehicles on the road and crowds were also seen on the road, which became a problem for the general public. On the other hand, this day is very good for businessmen, they sell a lot. That is, not 'red'. In business, red means loss, loss, but black means so much profit or earnings that there is no worry of bankruptcy from anywhere. 'Red' means loss or loss.

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Connection on Black Friday and Thanksgiving

Black Friday comes the next day of Thanksgiving Day, so it is seen as the beginning of the shopping season in the US. Many retailers, stores and big brands offer huge discounts on this day. Seeing the discount increases the number of shoppers significantly. Many stores open early in the morning and remain open till late, with frequent queues.
Black Friday Sale in India, Black Friday, Black Friday sales, Black Friday sale 2019

Sad truth related to Black Friday (Black Friday Sale )

The name 'Black Friday' was not initially associated with anything sad. Over time, on this day, stampede, violence and unfortunate reductions came to light. Since 2006, there have been reports of 12 deaths and 117 injuries on this day. Most of the incidents happened due to standing in front of the shopping queue to buy their favorite goods. Shoppers stared at their security and went shopping. In this cycle, he blocked fire exit and emergency access doors, causing a stampede and accidents. In addition, Black Fried is also criticized for promoting consumerism and capitalism. It is also said that the reasons for climate change include sales like Black Friday, due to which overproduction is done.

Black Friday Sale trend in India too ( Black Friday sale 2019)
In India too, this trend is now gaining momentum. This year, the focus of e-commerce and physical retail brands has increased. For three days from Friday, brands will offer discounts of up to 50% on select products. Retail companies such as Shoppers Stop have a countdown on their website, while beauty shops such as Body Shop, Kiko Milano, Forest Essentials, and clothing companies such as Myntra and Gap have offered shopping offers. International brand H&M will offer 20% on every item. In Mumbai's Palladium Mall, Canali, Salvatore, Ferragamo, Emporio Armani, Brooks Brothers and Hugo Boss of Reliance Brands are offering discounts of up to 40%.