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A little lapse can make you a victim of brain stroke and heart attack this season. Save yourself like this

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Heart attack: There is severe winter all over North India. In the hilly areas, due to intense snowfall, people are suffering, whereas, two weeks of cold wave in the plains has made it difficult for people to live. Old and children are being affected by this. Such bitter cold increases the risk of heart attack, brain stroke and asthma attack in addition to cough, cold and fever. A little lapse can make you a victim of brain stroke and heart attack. Many such cases are coming up in North India.

Why heart attacks increase in winter
Let me tell you that in winter the blood vessels shrink, due to which the flow of blood in the body is not possible in the amount it should be. In addition, the heart has to pump more for blood flow. In simple language, this is called a rapid heartbeat, thus increasing blood pressure, which increases the risk of a heart attack. Apart from this, sitting for too long in one place also affects the blood flow and makes the blood thick. To correct the flow of blood in the body, the heart has to beat faster, which increases BP. 

What happens brain stroke
During the cold winter season, blood flow also decreases in the veins of the brain due to shrinkage of blood vessels. If this blood flow stops completely then that condition is called brain attack. In such a situation, the cells of the affected part of the brain start getting destroyed. In this case, there is an increased risk of rupture of the vein, which is called brain hemorrhage. Three out of twenty people with brain stroke are at risk. This is more often in those BP patients whose blood pressure descends and rises rapidly. In such a situation, to save the patient's life, he should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. In such a situation, the first four hours are very important.

What do we do wrong
Thirst is often less in winter. Because of this, we usually reduce drinking water. But this small lapse proves fatal to our lives. Dehydration is caused by reducing water intake, due to which the blood becomes thick and its flow is reduced or stopped. This situation increases the risk of heart attack and brain stroke. So to avoid this situation, do not reduce the intake of water.

These are the symptoms- Heart attack and brain stroke

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Fainting from an excessive cerebral hemorrhage
  3. A feeling of numbness in any part of the body.
  4. Feeling weakness in the body.
  5. Having problems with speaking or understanding and confusion.
This is how the rescue- Heart attack and brain stroke

  1. Do not reduce water intake.
  2. Do not stop taking BP and sugar medicine.
  3. Reduce the use of salt.
  4. Do not consume cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol.
  5. Avoid walking barefoot in the bitter cold.
  6. Avoid going out without any need in harsh winter, but do exercise at home. This will help keep your body warm.