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Citizenship Amendment Act: Amit Shah's challenge to Rahul Gandhi, show where is the provision of snatching citizenship in the Act

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Citizenship Amendment Act: Home Minister Amit Shah has once again lashed out at the Congress over the Citizenship Amendment Act. He said that Congress is spreading rumors that this act would take away the citizenship of minorities. Attacking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Himachal Pradesh's capital Shimla, he said, "Rahul Baba, I challenge you to show if there is a provision in this law to take citizenship of any place."

He said, 'There is an appeal to all the Muslim brothers and sisters of the country to first understand the Citizenship Amendment Act and then explain it to others. Otherwise, political parties that spread lies and confusion will continue to fight us amongst themselves for the selfishness of their vote bank.

The act came due to failure of Nehru-Liaquat agreement
On the occasion of the completion of two years of the Himachal Pradesh government in Shimla, Amit Shah said that in 1950 there was a Nehru-Liaquat agreement, under which it was decided that both countries would protect the minorities here. Nobody was taking care of millions of refugees.

Rahul said NRC is like a tax on poor
Explain that former Congress President Rahul Gandhi had on several occasions opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act, saying that it is unconstitutional. Not only this, in an event in Raipur on Friday morning, he said that be it NRC or NPR, it is like a tax on the poor. Rahul Gandhi said, 'Demonetization was like a tax on the poor. There was an attack on poor people and now common people are asking how will we get jobs? '

'Tricolor is now fluttering gracefully in Kashmir'
Appreciating the Modi government for removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Shah said, 'We all used to shout slogans that there will be no two marks and two constitutions in this country. But nothing happened for years. But today Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir has expired. Today, the tricolor is fluttering gracefully, touching the sky's highs in Kashmir.