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Hrithik Roshan told India the youngest democracy, people trolled

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Hrithik Roshan took to Twitter to discuss violence between students and police at Uttar Pradesh's Jamia Millia Islamia University and Aligarh Muslim University. However, For this, social media users trolled.
Actually, the actor tweeted, 'As a parent and a citizen of India, I am deeply saddened by the unrest spread in various educational institutions in the country. I hope and pray that peace is established as soon as possible. Great teachers learn only from their students. I salute the youngest democracy in the world.
Many users got confused about this tweet of Hrithik and started asking, 'What do you want to say brother.' At the same time, another user immediately told that not India but Tunisia is the youngest democracy in the world. Many users caught Hrithik's mistake and trolled him to make India the youngest democracy in the world. See, people's tweets:

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