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P Chidambaram Coming out of jail and attacked the Modi government for an economic slowdown

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P Chidambaram said that the country's economy has deteriorated. No solution is being sought for this. The government is taking a stubborn stand on this matter. Demonetization, GST and tax terrorism have put the country's economy in its worst phase. He said, 'This government promised to bring good days. I place before you the figures for the last 6 quarters. 8 percent to 7, 6.6, 5.5, 5 and now 4.5 percent. Are these good days for the government?

P Chidambaram asked, how are these good days

P Chidambaram said, "If the growth touches 5 percent at the end of the year, we will consider ourselves fortunate. The country's big economist, Dr. Arvind Subranyan, warned about 5 percent, but now the situation is worse than that. He has allowed his ministers to lie on this issue. As The Economist has said, this government has emerged as inefficient management for the economy.

The figures are true

The former finance minister said that business giants from around the world read international newspapers. And pay special attention to the numbers. Statistics from each sector are clearly telling in which direction the economy is going. GDP is continuously falling, industries are in poor condition, unemployment is continuously increasing. Onion prices are more than Rs 100 a kg, even though the finance minister does not eat onions.

Pain on Kashmir

The former finance minister said, 'Last night at 8 o'clock I came out and breathed freedom. My first thoughts and prayers are for the 75 lakh people of Kashmir who have not got independence since August 4. He said that I am concerned about the leaders of Kashmir who have been kept in custody without any charge. If we talk about our freedom, then we should also fight for their freedom.

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'P Chidambaram said: My record is completely clean'

The former finance minister said, 'My record as a minister is very clear. The officers who have worked with me, the businessmen who have come in contact with me and the journalists who have spoken to me, are well aware of this. ' If you want to ask any questions related to matters related to my case, then read the judgment of the Supreme Court of yesterday, you will get a lot of things clear.