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Rahul attacks Modi on detention center, 'Prime Minister lies to Mother India'

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Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of lying about the Detention Center. Prime Minister Modi had recently said at a rally in Delhi's Ramlila Maidan that the Congress was spreading lies with bad intentions regarding the Detention Center. Reversing the same statement of the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi has tweeted that he is lying.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted a video and wrote, 'RSS prime minister lies to Bharat Mata'. The video he tweeted mentions a detention center in Assam. Rahul Gandhi has also put a hashtag of lies on his tweet.

What did Prime Minister Modi say?
In fact, on December 22, a rally was organized by the Delhi BJP at the Ramlila Maidan for the regularization of illegal colonies in Delhi, in which Prime Minister Modi was thanked by the people living in illegal colonies. In the 'Thank You Rally', the Prime Minister accused the Congress of lying about the Detention Center. The Prime Minister said in the rally, 'I am still in confusion, I will tell them that the rumors of Detention Center, which were set up by the Congress and Urban Naxalites, is a blatant lie, malicious, full of evil intentions to destroy the country. This is a lie, a lie, a lie. 

Why is the detention center discussed?
After the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act, the parties, organizations, and protesters who are opposing it are telling it the steps taken towards the implementation of NRC across the country. Opponents of CAA are also arguing in its favor that detention centers are being set up across the country to imprison those who are unable to provide documents to prove their citizenship. Now after the Modi cabinet has approved the updating of the National Population Register, the opposition parties are also describing it as a step to implement NRC.