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Rahul refuses to apologize on 'rape in India' statement, says- Modi has described Delhi as rape capital, I have a clip

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Rape in India: Union Minister Smriti Irani demanded an apology from Rahul on a statement ('rape in India'). Rahul refused to apologize. It also said that Modi had described Delhi as the capital of rape. I have a clip of this.

Rahul Gandhi said, "Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have lit up the Northeast. Narendra Modi is attacking me to divert attention from that issue. I reiterate my statement that Modiji said that there will be Make in India. We thought to Make in India would be visible. Today when we open a newspaper, we see rape in India. I have a clip in which Modiji is calling Delhi a rape capital. We will put it on social media so that everyone can see it. "

'BJP MLA raped'
Rahul said, "In Unnao the BJP MLA has raped the girl. The accident of the girl was done. Modiji did not say anything. Modiji uses violence. Violence is happening everywhere. Violence is taking place in Kashmir. Violence is taking place in the North East. "

'Modi destroyed the economy of the country'- Rahul give reply on 'rape in India' statement
The Congress leader also said, "Today Raghuram Rajan Ji told me that there is no talk of India in America-Europe. When it comes to crime, it is not on the economy. Modi Ji has to answer why did he destroy the economy "

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