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The cost of imported onion will now be Rs 70, not 150.

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Imported onion is now reaching the market of India. Some onions have been sent to Delhi and Andhra Pradesh for imported onions. The cost of onion arrival at the port is being reported from Rs 57 to Rs 58 per kg in these states. When the onion reaches the retail market, it can certainly cost around Rs 70 per kg.

Where did onion come from?
Onion price: According to a senior official of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, two consignments of 290 tonnes and 500 tonnes have already reached Mumbai. We are giving this onion to the state governments for 57 to 60 rupees per kg. Onions have been imported from Turkey, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

Price can be Rs 70-80
Retail businessman Rajendra Gupta says that if the government is giving imported onion at the port for Rs 60 a kg, then its retail price can go up to Rs 75 to 80 per kg. This means that onion prices can be directly reduced by 30 to 40%. Currently, retail prices of onions in major cities of the country are running above Rs 100 a kg. However, in some parts, onion is Rs 160 a kg.

State governments asked for onions
Onion import: The governments of Andhra Pradesh and Delhi had demanded onions. They have started raising imported onions. The official said that onion and consignments are also on the way, these will help in improving domestic supply. The Kharif production is expected to decline by 25% in the 2019-20 crop year (July to June). Onion production has declined in major producing states due to delayed monsoon and heavy rains.

Onion prices will remain high!
Traders and experts believe that onion prices will remain high till the end of January. After that, the Kharif crop will start coming to the market. Earlier, the country imported 1,987 tonnes of onions in 2015-16. At that time there was a huge jump in onion prices.