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These 5 mistakes of BJP in Jharkhand assembly elections

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Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha election result: In the electoral battle of Jharkhand, famous for coal and uranium mines, the ruling BJP seems to be heading towards defeat in the trends. In the latest trends, the opposition Mahagathbandhan led by Jharkhand Mukti Morcha is moving very fast to conquer this saffron fort. Chief Minister Raghubar Das, who has run the government for almost 5 years, is seen getting angry with his people in the election results. Let us know why BJP's lotus wilted in Jharkhand's election summer ...

Ignored colleagues
In the 2014 assembly elections, the BJP contested the elections along with its ally All Jharkhand Students Union (AJSU). BJP got 37 seats and AJSU got 5 seats. In this year's assembly elections, the BJP ignored its ally and decided to enter the electoral arena alone. This decision of BJP overshadowed him. AJSU is doing well in the latest trends. Let us know that since the formation of Jharkhand in the year 2000, the two parties were fighting elections together, but this time the BJP broke the ties. Not only this, LJP, another BJP ally, also proposed to contest elections together, but the BJP rejected it. Later the LJP had to contest alone.

Jharkhand assembly elections: The opposition formed a grand alliance

While the BJP ignored its allies in Jharkhand, the opposition contested in unison and demolished this fort of BJP. The Grand Alliance of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, RJD and Congress contested the seat-sharing and pitted the BJP's plans to form the government alone. In the election results, the opposition is now seen to win an absolute majority in the state. The three parties fought separate elections in the 2014 elections, but this time the Congress formed a grand alliance with JMM and RJD, learning lessons from Maharashtra and Haryana.

Loved ones gave a blow to BJP
Just before the Jharkhand elections, the BJP received quite a setback from its own leaders. Radhakrishna Kishore, a prominent leader of the saffron party, left the BJP and joined hands with AJSU. Kishore's move to AJSU was a major setback for the BJP. During the ticket distribution, BJP did not give a ticket to its senior leader Saryu Rai. Saryu Rai contested against Chief Minister Raghubar Das from Jamshedpur East seat. In the latest trends, Saryu Rai is now ahead of Raghubar Das.

BJP afraid of 'Maharashtra' got reversed
Jharkhand assembly elections: During the Jharkhand assembly elections, the BJP claimed that it would get 65 seats out of 81 and would single-handedly form the government in the state. The BJP was hopeful that if it would contest the election by putting forward the face of PM Modi, it would get success. As part of its strategy, BJP organized several rallies of PM Modi and Amit Shah in Jharkhand. Not only this, but BJP also introduced its Hindu poster boy UP CM Yogi Adityanath for campaigning in Jharkhand's election summer. This strategy of BJP flopped badly. According to sources, scared of the Maharashtra incident, the BJP fought the election in Jharkhand and did not tie-up with any party. Significantly, in Maharashtra, BJP contested with Shiv Sena but Shiv Sena formed the government with Congress and NCP.

Jharkhand assembly elections: No tribal face

In Jharkhand, 26.3 percent of the population is of tribals and 28 seats are reserved for tribals. The Mahagathbandhan made JMM tribal leader Hemant Soren as the CM candidate, while BJP's non-tribal community Raghubar Das was again the CM post. Among the tribal communities of Jharkhand, there was a lot of anger among the tribals regarding Raghubar Das's policies. The tribals believed that Raghubar Das made anti-tribal policies during his 5-year tenure. During the journey of Khunti, tribals threw shoes and slippers at the top of Raghubar Das. If sources are to be believed, the demand for Arjun Munda, who comes from the tribal community, was raised this time, but the BJP's top leadership placed a bet on Raghubar Das which backfired.