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These diseases are increasing with room heater-geyser, be careful

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Skin diseases have increased with the use of room heaters and geysers to ward off cold. Along with cough, cold, fever, people are coming to hospitals complaining of burning and itching in the hands and feet. The number of such patients has increased in OPD of BK Civil Hospital and ESIC. The dermatology department OPD of ESIC Medical College & Hospital and Civil Hospital BK located at NIT 3 has increased by 20%. In such a situation, doctors have advised people to take precautions.

Health problems in winter: The hospital's senior dermatologist, Dr. Santa Pashi, said that these days many patients are coming to the hospital with breathing problems, coughs, headaches, skin related problems. He said that burning the heater for a long time lowers the temperature of the room and reduces the humidity level. Because of this, the normal person can also have respiratory problems. The skin becomes dry.

Itching may occur on other parts of the body along with hands and feet. To avoid this, keep a bucket of water in the room while using the heater, which will keep the humidity to some extent. Dr. Santa said that burning the fireplace in the room is also dangerous. The amount of carbon monoxide increases from the brazier and the oxygen level decreases, it can also kill a person. So avoid using the fireplace.

 Disease in winter: Keep these precautions
- Do not use room heaters in closed rooms.
- The window of the room should be kept slightly open so that the wind effect remains.
- Do not keep plastic, clothes, flammable materials nearby while using room heater or fireplace to keep the room warm at night.