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Court dismisses plea of Mukesh convicted of Nirbhaya

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Mukesh Kumar Singh, convicted in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case, is now set to be hanged. The Supreme Court has rejected the petition challenging the President's order dismissing the mercy petition of Mukesh, a Nirbhaya convict. The Supreme Court said that the intervention of the court is not necessary in this case. The Supreme Court said that all the documents were placed before the President and he took the decision only after looking at them all.

The Supreme Court said on the Nirbhaya case that facing the alleged pain in jail cannot be made a basis against the President's dismissal of the mercy petition. The Supreme Court said that the early disposal of mercy petition does not mean that the President did not make a conscious decision. All the documents were presented to him and he decided to see it all.

Please tell that on the plea of Mukesh, convicted of Nirbhaya, the Supreme Court had completed the hearing on Tuesday and reserved the decision. Four convicts were sentenced to death for this heinous crime in Delhi in 2012. The mercy petition of Mukesh Kumar Singh, one of these convicts, was rejected by the President on 17 January against which the convict has filed a petition in the Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, a bench of Justice R Bhanumathi, Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice AS Bopanna said after hearing the arguments of Mukesh Kumar Singh on behalf of senior advocate Anjana Prakash and the Solicitor General Tushar Mehta on behalf of the Center. It will be recited on Wednesday. The Center, while requesting the dismissal of Mukesh Kumar Singh's plea, told the bench that misbehavior with such heinous offenders in jail cannot be a ground for mercy.

Court dismisses plea of Mukesh convicted of Nirbhaya

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta denied the allegation that convict Mukesh Kumar Singh was being kept in solitary confinement in jail. He said that the Home Ministry had sent all the records to the President along with the mercy petition of this convict. Mehta said that the apex court's right to judicial review in such cases is very limited and the mercy plea of the convict could have had an inhuman effect on the delay in judgment.

The Solicitor General told the bench that the President had to reassure himself about mercy and not to watch every process. Earlier, on behalf of the convicted Mukesh Kumar Singh, senior advocate Anjana Prakash claimed that all the facts were not laid before the President while considering his mercy petition.

At this, the bench questioned Mukesh's counsel as to how she could claim that all the facts were not laid before the President while considering the mercy petition. The bench asked, "How can you say that these facts were not put before the President?" How can you say that the President did not think properly? '

It was only after the Mukesh Kumar Singh mercy petition was dismissed that the court issued necessary warrants to hang the four accused - Mukesh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Kumar Sharma and Akshay Kumar, till death on February 1 at six in the morning. Earlier, the court had issued warrants to hang the four convicts on January 22.

23-year-old Nirbhaya in a moving bus in South Delhi on the night of 16-17 December 2012, after six people were gang-raped and thrown on the road in a badly injured condition. Nirbhaya later died in a hospital in Singapore on 29 December.