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Nirbhaya case: Delhi HC dismisses plea on the death warrant of convicts

Nirbhaya case,Mukesh

The Delhi High Court has dismissed the petition prohibiting the death warrant of the convicts hanged in the Nirbhaya case. The court said that the guilty knock the door of the Supreme Court for this. The court rejected the plea, saying that it seemed a strategy to delay the death penalty. However, even after this decision of the High Court, the hanging of the culprits is finding difficult on January 22. The guilty Mukesh has filed a mercy petition with the President after the curative petition was dismissed. The Delhi government's lawyers also argued that even if the President rejects the mercy petition, 14 days will still be available.

Nirbhaya case: Delhi HC dismisses plea on the death warrant of convicts

The counsel for the guilty party stated in the High Court that his client is filed a mercy petition with the President. Even if the mercy petition is dismissed, the guilty person is given 14 days before hanging. On this, the government lawyer also did not register any objection, the ASG appearing on behalf of the Delhi government also said that after the mercy petition is dismissed, 14 days is given as per the rules.

The trial resumed again in the Delhi High Court on the plea of ​​Mukesh, who pleaded guilty against the death warrant. ASG Rahul Mehra submitted arguments on behalf of the Delhi government. Justice Manmohan also questioned why it took so long for the jail authorities to issue the first notice to the convicts. In the meantime, the judge made a stern comment - 'It is clear how the system has been misused (very cleverly) by the culprits, so people will lose confidence in the system.'

Nirbhaya case: Now Mukesh has given a letter to the jail administration to apply his mercy petition in the name of the President. From here on Wednesday morning this mercy petition will be sent to the Home Department of Delhi Government. From where this petition will be passed on to the President through the Union Home Ministry. When will it be decided? The answer will be available from the President. Jail officials say they have until January 21 to apply the President's Mercy Petition.

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