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Sab Kushal Mangal Movie Review: Akshay Khanna Movie

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Sab Kushal Mangal Movie Review: A local leader and Gunda Baba Bhandari (Akshay Khanna) performs the work of a catch-up marriage i.e. forcibly holding a boy and marrying a girl. During this work, he picks up a young TV journalist, but the twist in the story comes when Bhandari himself falls in love with the girl. ... but is the girl ready for it?

Sab Kushal Mangal Movie Review

Karnalganj is a city where the rule of the small leader Bhandari runs and he has taken the responsibility of getting married forcibly. An attempt was made to serve comedy through 'Sab Kushal Mangal', while it is not funny. The film begins with Akshay Khanna's drama-filled entry, in which his big mustache and big hair are giving him nothing but a scary look. Although Akshay Khanna is very impressive in acting Akshay could not impress anything through this monotonous script and his character.

In the film, newcomers Reva Kishan and Priyank Sharma and the confidants are seen, but there is no special chemistry between the two. Priyank seems promising because of his looks but the lack of enthusiasm that he should show for his journalist, Pappu Mishra's character, is visible.

Sab Kushal Mangal Movie Review: The film has performed well by the best actors like Satish Kaushish, Supriya Pathak Kaur and Rakesh Bedi. Where the first half of the film has deviated from the road, the second half has controversies and fights and you feel the end of the story. In some scenes of the film, Akshay Khanna and his goons are seen laughing, which lightens the tone of the film. The music is average, the songs have been shot well, but they have been placed in the wrong places in the film and the film has been prolonged. The background score is quite loud, full of noise. The film's story does not take a strong stand against evils such as forced marriage and dowry, it is rather a half-baked effort.