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American social worker George Soros said- Modi wants to make India a Hindu nation

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American billionaire philosopher George Soros gave his views on Thursday at the ongoing World Economic Forum. On the issue of nationality, Soros said that now its meaning has changed. The democratically elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India wants to make the country a Hindu nation. They are taking punitive steps (removing Article 370) in Kashmir, a semi-autonomous Muslim region. Also, the decisions of the government (Citizenship Amendment Act) have created a crisis of citizenship for millions of Muslims living there.

George Soros said: Now dictators rule in the world

Soros also said, "Civil society is steadily declining. Humanity is decreasing. It seems that in the coming years, the fate of US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will determine the direction of the world. Currently, there are rulers like Vladimir Putin, Trump and Jinping dictators. The rulers who hold power are increasing. "

George Soros also said, "Right now we are going through a phase of history. The concept of an open society is under threat. Another big challenge is climate change. Now the most important project of my life is the Open Society University Network (OSUN). It is a platform in which people from all the universities of the world will be able to study and research. I will invest one billion dollars (about 7100 crores) for OSUN. "

The Central European University (CEU) of Soros had to leave the country due to pressure from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The American social worker also said that it will take some time to get OSUN.

Trump victim of Narcissism

According to George Soros, "the hands that currently command America (Donald Trump) are victims of Narcissism." Trump will manage a downward trend in the economy until this year's presidential election, but it cannot be sustained in a situation for long. "

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