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What Director Kabir khan said to in an interview at JNU Violence and Jamia violence?

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Jamia violence: Director Kabir Khan has openly talked about Jamia Students' upheaval and some hot issues of the country. Talking on the issue of Jamia, he said that I grew up there, my father was the founding professor of JNU.

Director Kabir Khan, who started his career with 'Kabul Express', gave hits like 'New York', 'Ek Tha Tiger', 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' at the box office. Kabir spoke openly about the situation in today's country.

What Director Kabir khan said to in an interview at JNU Violence and Jamia violence?

There was also much controversy over the independence demanded by the Azad Hind Fauj. Today, there is a section in the country, which is demanding independence differently, how do you see it?

Kabir Khan: I aim to first know what happened today. Do not make assumptions with the mind. Today people say different kinds of things about the piecemeal gang, I say, try to know that when he says that we want freedom from which he is asking for freedom. In what context, one does not want to know, but the judge must do it. Immediately everyone starts saying that it is national and it is ancient. I say that an anti-national is one that does not listen to others. Who wants to suppress the way others oppose. What is the truth, you and others are not equal?

Your very emotional statement has come on the protest of Jamia University student, what do you feel about this?

Kabir Khan on Jamia Violence: I don't say all these things on Twitter or Instagram, but when I am asked a question, I do answer it, because I don't want to tweet to prove an issue. I speak because I feel pain. I saw Jamia's students coming up that day, I felt as if something had broken in me because I was once on those streets, I was also a student there. I thought how could this happen, this is my university when I see that the goons are entering there with sticks. I grew up there, my father was the founding professor of JNU. I have lived there for 10 years. Today 50 goons are entering, hitting them with sticks. Which world, which country are we living in? When you see something like that, then obviously you are in pain. I would like to tell everyone that, whether it is a creative person or a non-creative person, if you feel that something is going wrong in your country, then you speak. Whether it is right or wrong. The other man can debate and speak to you, but cannot suppress your protest. This is not a democracy. Democracy is that any person, irrespective of the section if he feels something is wrong, he has every right to speak. You also have the right to answer, but that too in the right way. Since when did the government show the country, 56 governments have come and 56 will come, but India will always be there.

What is your mental condition in the kind of situation today?

Kabir Khan on JNU Violence:  We are all human beings and we all feel insecure at some point. If we have a feeling of optimism, then we can live on it. Otherwise, everything else will start to look dark, because we are creative people. We can bring hope to our work. The way we talk, choose stories, can create a ray of hope. We have to keep an optimistic view.

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