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Know, What is the Coronavirus that is spreading in China?

Corona virus

Coronavirus is a respiratory-related fatal disease, even though the disease originated in China, but now its fear is increasing rapidly worldwide. Many Asian countries including India are very cautious about this and are trying to take all possible steps to stop the spread of the disease.

  • This virus is found in animals
  • The seventh virus that spreads from animal to human

So far 9 people have died due to the mysterious Coronavirus spreading in China. Infection cases have increased rapidly and so far it has reported about 440 cases in the country. The news of this virus spreading in many countries of Asia has alerted countries all over the world and all are trying to stop the spread of deadly virus and disease from the country. In India too, there is a lot of vigilance about this disease. In such a situation, we are telling you that everything about this dangerous virus and the deadly disease Coronavirus started in China. Symptoms of the disease, method of rescue, know the complete details here…

How does the Coronavirus spread?

  • When humans come into contact with animals
  • By coughing, sneezing and shaking hands.


  • Running nose
  • Phlegm and cough
  • Throat pain
  • Headache
  • Multi-day fever
  • Pneumonia

WHO's advice about Coronavirus

  • Wash hand
  • Avoid eating meat
  • Mouth covering while sneezing and coughing

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