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A path opened for Shaheen Bagh, some relief for the people who have been troubled for more than two months

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The road from Noida to Faridabad and Jaitpur was closed after two months due to the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh. The road to Okhla and Super Nova has been opened. Police removed barricades from this road on Friday morning. Keep in mind that the road to Kalindikunj is still closed. The protesters have not relaxed their side. The barricading that the police had done near Okhla Birds Vihar has been removed only.

Which path is open
Noida Police removed Barricandig near Okhla Bird Century on Friday morning. This has brought great relief to the people going to Badarpur. People had to go through the Madanpur Khadar route till now. According to people, it was taking two and a half hours to cover the 20-minute journey from the Madanpur Khadar route. Now, people living in Badarpur, Jaitpur have got a big relief. According to people, the Noida police did not need to close this path as the protesters are sitting far away from there.

The road to Kalindi Kunj is still closed
Here let us tell you that road number 13A towards Kalindi Kunj is still closed. Protesters of Shaheen Bagh are still standing on this road. Due to this, this road has been closed for about 500 meters from Noida.

Demonstrations against the CAA have been taking place since December 13 in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. The road connecting Noida and Faridabad was closed due to the protests. People had to face a lot of difficulties with this. To go to Faridabad, people had to walk several kilometers through the DND through the ashram.

Efforts of negotiators still unsuccessful
The Supreme Court was also knocked to open this road closed due to the demonstration in Shaheen Bagh. The Supreme Court also formed a three-member team comprising lawyers Sanjay Hegde and Sadhana Ramachandran, besides the country's first Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah, to convince the people sitting on the dharna. The negotiators went to Shaheen Bagh on Wednesday and Thursday to try to convince the protesters to shift to another place, but the matter did not materialize. Meanwhile the barricading near Okhla Birds Vihar was lifted.

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