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'Bigg Boss 13' has made a special plan for Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla!

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'Bigg Boss 13' is now very close to its final episode. According to reports, the finale is to be held on February 15. All preparations are made to make the season-13 finale grand. It is reported that Rs 10-12 crore is to be spent on this. Amidst all this, it is being said that the makers made some special plans for Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla in the last episode on the show.

Shehnaaz Gill did the most entertainment

It is being told that before the grand finale, 'Bigg Boss 13' contestants are going to show their journey in the house. Of course, from love-love to war-fighting, this journey has been very emotional for every contestant. In such a situation, fans will also get excited by watching these journey videos. Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill have been the two contestants on the show who have entertained the audience the most. The makers have thought of something special for him.

'Bigg Boss 13' is going to create history!

Given the special contribution of Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill in the TRP of the show, a 20-minute video of the two of them is being made. Yes, if the reports are true, this will be the first time in the history of 'Bigg Boss', when any contestant will be given such importance.

Shehnaaz Gill likes Sidharth Shukla more than the extent

According to 'Bigg Boss 13' Fanclub reports, a team is capturing the special moments of both of them during the entire show. By the way, if you are watching the show, you will also get so much news that Shehnaaz Gill loves her co-contestant Sidharth Shukla. She has mentioned this many times in the show as well.