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Boney Kapoor confesses that relationship with Salman Khan is currently tense

Boney Kapoor,  Salman Khan,  Boney Kapoor Salman Khan Relations

Creator Boney Kapoor says that he loves all his children and never feels that parents need to express their love for children.

Boney Kapoor Salman Khan Relations

Out of the four children, who is their favorite? In response to this question, Boney Kapoor spoke to the media agency, saying, 'As a father, I love all my children, but happiness is the star of my eyes. She is small, isn't she?

Boney Kapoor says, 'I have a special place of happiness in my heart. More now because it is not near. She has gone abroad for further studies. Speaking of Arjun, it is in my heart. I have never spoken much about my love for my children because I believe that my love for them is very natural. I am his father, what do I need to say that I love him? Of course, I do.

Boney also said that she is very close to her mother and living under the same roof with her children and her mother is a big dream.

Why didn't he launch Arjun as an actor? To this, Boney said, 'Ajurn had always wanted to become a film director and that's why I had no plans to launch him as a new hero, but then one day I suddenly got Salman's call that Ajurn was acting I should try my hand because he has all its qualities, so Salman took Arjun under him and prepared him. '

Boney Kapoor Salman Khan Relations: Boney said, 'My relationship with Salman is tense at the moment, but in the early days Salman encouraged Arjun to get into acting. I will be a debtor to Salman for this. '

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