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Due to the Corona virus, three and a half thousand people imprisoned in the ship

ship, japan, Corona virus, Corona,  asian countries News

To prevent the spread of Corona virus infection, the cruise on which the passengers were kept apart, 41 more of them have been found infected with it. This information was given on Saturday. With this, a total of 61 of the people aboard the cruise have been confirmed to be infected with the virus.

Samples of 273 people examined so far
An official 'Diamond Princess' in Japan has so far examined samples from 273 people on the cruise.

There are about 3700 passengers on the cruise, who will remain on the ferry for about 14 days. This step has been taken by Japan after an 80-year-old man was found to be suffering from the virus.

The corona virus took the form of an epidemic in China, killing 73 people on Thursday, raising the death toll to 636.

ship, japan, Corona virus, Corona,  asian countries News

The Havoc of Corona is that thousands of people have been imprisoned on the ship for 14 days.

This ship of Japan is being closely monitored and investigated. Those found to have been infected with  Corona virus are placed in isolation.

So far 20 people on the ship have been infected by the virus. The rest of the people on the ship are in panics.

Let us tell you that the World Health Organization has declared  Corona virus as a Global Emergency. In many countries around the world, cases of Corona are getting infected.

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