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Rashmi Desai accused Arhaan Khan of using her emotionally, saying- marriage and children were not known

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Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan: The reality shows Bigg Boss 13 is over. This time Sidharth Shukla won the Bigg Boss trophy on the show. Asim Riaz was the first runner up and Shehnaz Gill was the second runner up. On the other hand, TV actress Rashmi Desai, who was said to be the most loved and strong contender of the show, was fourth. Even though Rashmi Desai could not win this, but she has created a special image in the hearts of the fans. His affair with Contestant Arhaan Khan, who took a wild card entry in the show, made a lot of headlines, but the relationship ended in Bigg Boss' house when Rashmi came to know about Arhaan's X wife and child. Rashmi was quite upset knowing Arhaan's truth and decided to have a breakup with Arhaan. Now Rashmi Desai has come forward regarding her decision and Arhaan. He has said that Arhaan has used him emotionally. He wants to meet me now.

Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan Relation 

During an interview, Rashmi Desai said that Arhaan is trying to talk to me constantly after coming from Bigg Boss house. She further said, 'I also want to meet Arhaan because there are many such questions between me and Arhaan, about which I have every right to know'. She further said, 'True I knew only what he told me. I neither know his marriage nor did I have any news about his son '. According to Rashmi, she has never met Arhaan's mother Papa, but she only knows that Arhaan has a brother and three sisters, but she has no idea about where these people live in Mumbai. They do not even know that Arhaan has two houses in Mumbai.

Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan Breakup

Responding to a question, Rashmi, being a little emotional, said that she never thought that Arhaan would hide all these things from them. Arhaan's hiding these things is shocking to me. She further said that when I came to know about all these in Bigg Boss' house, I was feeling cheated and wanted to leave the show in the middle. Because I didn't understand what to do or what not to do? But the decision not to leave my show in the true sense proved to be good because if I left the house in this situation, I would face many accusations and told that I used it for the show.

Rashmi Desai says that I have lost my father in my childhood, perhaps that's why I forget to recognize people. Arhaan has used me emotionally. I am surprised when Arhaan declared me bankrupt. I found it very funny. I do not need to tell how much bank balance I have.

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