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China's 'Terminator of Ebola' created the coronavirus vaccine, Testing started on humans

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China has begun testing the coronavirus vaccine on humans. It is China's first vaccine called 'Terminator of Ebola', prepared by the country's top military bio-war specialist. China has been struggling with the disease since the onset of coronavirus from Wuhan. Meanwhile, experts have warned that the second round of infection with coronavirus may begin in China.

Top researcher Chen Wei announced on Tuesday night that the government had permitted him to test them. He told CCTV, "Vaccine is the biggest weapon to eliminate the coronavirus." He said, "If China is the first to make such a weapon and save our patients, then it shows the progress in the image and science of our country."

Preparation for large scale production of Coronavirus vaccine

Chen Wei said that his team has prepared for the large-scale production of this vaccine. Ebola vaccines have also been studied in this. According to the Chinese government media, it is the same chain that created the medical spray in 2003 after the outbreak of SARS. 14,000 medical workers were saved from this spray.

Coronavirus vaccine: Called the 'Terminator of Ebola', the Chen Wei specializes in genetic engineering vaccine and leads the team that prepares the vaccine for fatal diseases. Chen said, 'the epidemic is like a military crisis. Its centers are battlefields. 'Chen Wei is a Major General in the People's Liberation Army of China. She has been working on this vaccine since 26 January.

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