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The common cold is just like the symptoms of Coronavirus, know when you should have your test done

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Symptoms of Coronavirus: So far 29 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in India, due to which an atmosphere of panic and fear is being among the people. Since the symptoms of the coronavirus are similar to those of the common cold in which colds, coughs and fever occur, if anyone coughs or sneezes around or is having trouble breathing, people are looking at it with the coronavirus. Because of this very dangerous and deadly virus, it is important to be aware but there is no need to panic.

Do not worry, otherwise, the immunity will become weak

No problem is solved due to fear and nervousness. Inversely, the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your body starts increasing. Because of this, your immunity or your ability to fight against diseases gets weakened and this is the chance for the virus to attack your body. So instead of being nervous and upset with the coronavirus, be aware and take care of the precisions needed to keep the virus from spreading. But the most important question is, how do we know whether someone has a common cold or a coronavirus? When should the coronavirus test be done?

Rest at home if you have a mild fever, cold cough

Symptoms of Coronavirus: Most cases of the virus are common cold and flu. If a person is seeing some mild symptoms of the flu, then they do not need to get coronavirus tested. If you have a low-grade fever, cold cough, then relax at home and take plenty of liquid and fluids.

If there are high-grade fever and difficulty in breathing, get the test done.

But the patients who have a high-grade fever, feel difficulty in breathing, those patients should not ignore their symptoms and should contact the doctor immediately.

Do not take the symptoms lightly if there is already a disease

Symptoms of Coronavirus: If you look at the figures, this coronavirus is mainly targeting the elderly. In such a situation, if you already have any disease, diabetes, heart disease, stroke or respiratory disease, do not take flu-like symptoms lightly and contact the doctor immediately. It may still take 8 to 12 months to become a coronavirus vaccine.

Measures to avoid coronavirus

- Wash your hands frequently with soap-water or clean with hand sanitizer

- Do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth and face repeatedly with your hand

- Take care of the cleanliness around you

- Avoid shaking hands with anyone

- Stay at least 3-4 feet away from those who are seen sick

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