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The Center instructed the state, strictly enforce lockdown and strict action be taken on the violation.

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Coronavirus Lockdown: The Center has asked state governments to ensure strict observance of the shutdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus and take legal action against those who violate it. This information was given on Monday in an official statement.

The central and state governments on Sunday decided to close 75 such districts across the country where there have been cases of coronavirus infection by 31 March. Considering the proliferation of the dreaded Covid-19, it was agreed that a ban is urgently needed.

Coronavirus Lockdown: Delhi will remain in captivity from 6 am on March 23 to midnight on 31 March. Some other states have also implemented the bandh. Delhi's borders will remain sealed during the bandh, although essential services such as health, food, water and power supply will continue. During the bandh, 25 percent of the DTC buses will also remain on the roads to ensure the movement of people connected to essential services.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier on Monday requested the state governments to ensure that the rules and regulations related to the shutdown of the coronavirus are strictly followed, as he noted that many people are not taking these measures seriously.

He said in a tweet, 'Many people are still not taking the lockdown seriously. Please save yourself, save your family, follow the instructions seriously. I request the state governments to get the rules and laws followed.