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COVID-19: Coronavirus infection not spread till now in these states of India, see full list

coronavirus, COVID-19

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in India as well as in the whole world. With 328 cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) confirmed during the last 24 hours in different states of the country, the number of infected people has increased to 1965. Also, with the death of 12 people, the number of people who died of Coronavirus has increased to 50. There are about 30 states and union territories in India in the grip of coronavirus. But there are some states and union territories where coronavirus infection has not spread so far.

What is the condition of coronavirus(COVID-19) in North-East states-

Sikkim -0
Arunachal Pradesh-1
Tripura -0
Meghalaya -0
Nagaland -0
Assam -1
Manipur -1

Coronavirus(COVID-19) status in union territories

Delhi - 160
Jammu and Kashmir -66
Puducherry -4
Andaman Nicobar-10
Lakshadweep -0
Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Deep-0

Coronavirus(COVID-19) status in the remaining states

Maharashtra 390
Kerala 292
Andhra Pradesh-88
Bihar- 24
Goa - 5
Gujrat 93
Himachal Pradesh - 5
Karnataka - 122
Rajsthan- 111
Tamil Nadu-241
Telangana- 100
Uttarakhand - 9
Uttar Pradesh - 129
West Bengal 46

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