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Rahul Gandhi spoke on Coronavirus crisis- Lockdown COVID-19 is not a solution, it is like a Pause button

Rahul Gandhi, COVID-19, Coronavirus

COVID-19: Coronavirus cases are increasing in India. Although there has been a decrease in corona cases for the last two-three days, it is still a major headache in many states including Maharashtra and Delhi. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi held a press conference through video conferencing amidst the rising infection and infection of the coronavirus. In a conversation with the media, Rahul Gandhi said that the lockdown corona is not the solution. It is kind of like a pause button. This may prevent, but not eliminate, the corona for some time. The lockdown will not defeat the Coronavirus.

He also said that testing should be done as per the strategy in the country and the number of tests should also be increased.

Earlier on Wednesday, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has appealed to issue an emergency ration card to provide ration to the poor people suffering from food crisis due to corona-lockdown. He said that the government has no shortage of anything in the country. Ration in the godowns is available in sufficient quantity and those who are facing poor food shortage in lockdown should be given ration through these items under PDS-PDS.

COVID-19: Rahul Gandhi said that we appeal to the government to issue emergency ration cards in this crisis. These should be for all those who are struggling with a lack of food in this Corona-lockdown. Millions of people are not able to avail PDS without a ration card. The grain is rotting in the warehouse while hundreds of hungry stomachs are waiting. It is inhumane.