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COVID 19: If there is no food or medicine at home during a lockdown, then use these 4 options

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COVID 19: The Noida Development Authority has started four services to provide ration, necessities and medicines to the people during the Corona lockdown so that people do not have to leave the house for any work. As a new service, the facility of booking goods has been started from the mobile app on Tuesday.

Three-way goods have been introduced earlier. The Noida Authority is working on all the necessary schemes so that people in the city can get all the goods right from home. Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said that on Tuesday, a mobile app was launched to fetch goods. Now the people who are duped into calling, can book from the app and ask for the goods. She said that about 675 rations and numbers of drug shopkeepers and deliverymen have been reached to most people through the RWA of each city, former head of villages and others. These shopkeepers are sending goods to people's homes only when they get the call.

Supply Facility: The Authority has also started an authority supply facility. People can contact their number 8860032939 and ask for the goods. According to the stuff, a different number of buttons will have to be pressed on this number. People will talk to the supplier of their sector and the goods will arrive.

Mobile App:  People can download an app named Noida from the Play Store. There will be a list of sector-wise shopkeepers. The sector and baggage category will have to be chosen for the vendor name and number. After this, the list and phone number of close shopkeepers will come. You can then book your luggage.

Availability from hawker: The Authority is circulating by giving a pass to more than 400 street vendors to provide goods in every block and every area of the village. These people are providing vegetables and fruits to the people. 13 centers have been set up in Noida to send goods to the street vendors.

Phone numbers of the shops: The phone numbers of the shopkeepers have been made available directly to the people on behalf of the authority to get the goods sitting at home. People can call their nearest shopkeepers to get the goods home. Its instructions have been issued to the shopkeepers. People can also order goods through some companies.

The arrangement continues in Ghaziabad: The doorstep scheme was implemented for rationing to people's homes in the district. Nearly 90 stores of 24 large institutions have been selected under the scheme. For this, the district administration has issued its helpline number 0120-2965757 and 58. Also, 23 medical stores have been added for online drug supply. All these have also issued phone numbers. For information in this regard, the mobile helpline number 8826797248 and 9910426374 can be contacted on behalf of the administration.

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