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What is plasma therapy, how effective is the treatment of coronavirus, the doctor told

What is plasma therapy, plasma therapy, coronavirus, covid-19

Plasma therapy: Four patients of coronavirus are being treated using plasma therapy in Delhi. At present, the condition of two patients is also improving. Now the Delhi government wants to use plasma therapy in the rest of the patients. In this, he is in dire need of two things. The first is approval from the central government and the second is the plasma of those who have defeated the corona. Right now people are afraid to donate plasma. Some questions of such people were answered by Dr. Sarin.

What is plasma therapy

Antibodies are directly used in this therapy. Antibodies against a particular virus or bacteria are produced in the body only when a human is suffering from it. Currently, the coronavirus has spread, the patient was ill due to this virus. When he recovers, antibodies against this COVID virus form in his body. Based on this antibody, the patient is cured. When a patient is ill, the antibodies are not produced immediately, due to the delay in making antibodies against the virus in his body, he becomes serious.

In such a case, the patient who has just been cured of this virus, antibodies are made in his body, the same antibody is removed from his body and put in another sick patient. As soon as the antibody goes there it affects the patient and the virus starts to weaken, this increases the chances of the patient recovering more.

How plasma therapy works

Doctor Sarin first reported that the coronavirus has roughly three stages. The virus first enters the body. In the second it reaches the lungs and in the third, the body tries to fight it and kill it which is the most dangerous stage. Here even the body parts get spoiled. Doctor Sarin says that the best time to treat plasma is the second stage. Because there is no use to give it in the first and the third it will not work. According to him, plasma therapy can prevent the patient from going to the third stage.

Plasma therapy: Further Doctor Sarin said that she told an anecdote about how she saw a young boy dying in front of his eyes due to lack of plasma. She said that this time is going to show patriotism for the people who have recovered from Coronavirus. They came without scared and donate plasma. Removing people's doubts, the doctor said that just as platelets are climbed during dengue, the only plasma will be taken here, so that there is no fear of weakness or anything else.

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