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Delhi: 70 percent tax on liquor, the person said - no sorrow, this is our donation to the government

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The liquor shops in Delhi got amazing views today. At a store, the man justified the decision to impose a 70 percent tax on liquor. He said that it is a donation to the government. At another shop, a man was seen pouring flowers on the people standing in the liquor line. The person was saying that you are strengthening the economy of this country.

'70 percent tax on liquor - Donation for the country'

We have no problem with the 70 percent tax on alcohol, it is like a donation from our side for the country. This is to say of a man who arrived on a liquor contract in Delhi. People may be blaming the alcoholics for the flying dust of social distancing at liquor shops, but this person also blamed the government, police and contract workers for this. The person said that it is the job of the administration to see that the social distance is followed at the liquor shops.

Delhi liquor price: The second video came out from Chander Nagar in Delhi. Here the person was putting flowers on the people standing in line at the liquor store. A man asks him why he is doing this. On this, he says that these people are strengthening our economy because the government has no money.